We are one stop drywall shop. We have Completed many projects efficiently and effectively. Our top priority is the client’s satisfaction.

We are distinguished in the market for our proficiency in providing customers with timely and exceptional results. We are specialized in Drywall for residential, Commercial and Renovations



Quality drywall, insulation & finishing products delivered where you need them. Our statement is simple, "we are drywall experts”

Magnum Construction works hand in hand with you or your contractor/builder, in the vast range of home restorations, renovation, and repairs. Please contact us with any and all your project needs. 
We work with many insurance companies, contractors, public adjusters, and management companies. When you need water damage repairs due to a toilet overflow, flood, pipe break, or water leak from a different water supply, contacts us. 

Feel free to "Ask the Drywall Man"  any questions or concerns you may have about your project.  One of our specialists will contact you.  After over 25 years in the drywall trades.  We can help with any repair or renovation.



It take years of experience to master your craft. Whether it's renovation of an old facility or construction of a new building. From a single story in the suburbs to a high rise downtown. Magnum Construction has the experience and resources you can rely on for your next project.




Our team have the experience and the understanding of how these processes affect the finished product down the road; all steps are taken to prevent cracks due to truss uplift, compression cracks and ripples in load bearing areas and cracks due to the normal activities in a household’s daily life.



We leave behind walls that are ultra-smooth. A flawless finish can be hard to ace but our team have the experience, the right techniques, appropriate tools, and patience to accomplish the task flawlessly.

The finishing part is what has made our work the new standard. The smoothness of the finished surfaces and the straight and crisp lines all around are the product of our tapers’ lifetime of experience.


Smooth, Level Ceiling

The key to getting a flawless, smooth ceiling is to skim coat the entire surface, at least twice.

Working on stilts, on a canvas above your head, takes skill. The real expertise comes in when a wavy ceiling needs to be levelled. This takes a keen eye and steady hand. Without the popcorn to hide imperfections, the finished product needs to be impeccable. 



The perfect way to hide those ugly pipes and get some great acoustics"

We can help with any of your acoustical needs in your home or commercial space. From a simple ceiling to cover pipes and help with basement noise to a feature ceiling to compliment a beautiful home or office space.



We are highly qualified and experienced in offering Bath Insulation

Good Bathroom Insulation Prevents Mold, Rot. Dry, proper insulation is key. Proper home insulation helps ensure your energy costs stay down, but damaged or inadequate insulation can lead to mold and rotting. Your bathroom is a prime suspect, as it's a predominantly moist environment with lots of condensation.