In BC, a great party usually starts and ends in the kitchen.

Our team is highly experienced in carrying out kitchen renovations of all styles and types. We have the skills and the expertise to execute all construction perfectly, but we can also assist with the planning and selection of materials and fixtures. We can advise you on which will be most conducive to your goals. When renovating a kitchen, it’s important to keep your family’s lifestyle in mind. How you use your kitchen will determine how to best redesign the space. We will work with you to assess what new elements will be the most suitable for your family.

We’re also happy to provide kitchen renovations based on IKEA products. Our IKEA Kitchen services include design, assembly and installation. Let our pros take care of your kitchen renovation needs.



Shaker cabinets showcase simple, clean and functional design. Characteristics of this cabinet style include flat-paneled doors with rail frames, natural wood finishes and neutral paint hues like white or gray. Shaker kitchen cabinets are a popular trend in today’s kitchens because of the classic and casual look they lend to any kitchen style, from traditional to contemporary.



Meant to be mixed and matched with solid cabinet doors, glass-front cabinets can make for a pretty and practical focal point in your kitchen. Generally used as upper cabinets, glass-front styles serve as a functional place to showcase your glassware, cookbooks or a prized collection of bowls or vases. These cabinet styles can also be illuminated for added ambience.




Made of rows of vertical planks with indentation or ridges, known as “beads,” between each blank, beadboard cabinetry offers a more dynamic look than some other styles, The look of the beads gives the style cabinet door texture and makes for a perfect country farmhouse or cottage style kitchen. These Cabinets style have a character, If the all-white beadboard cabinets look perfect to complete your cottage style kitchen, As your home renovation company we need to let you know that the cracks and crevasses on this style can be hard to clean and upkeep. 



Also known as “slab” cabinet doors, flat-panel kitchen cabinet doors are simple but stylish. The flat-panel kitchen cabinet style offers hard lines and minimalist form and lacks any expensive detail. The appearance of the simple flat-panel cabinet makes it a great fit for both contemporary and modern kitchens. Flat panels describe a certain Personality. We had one client who wanted to renovate her kitchen and she knew exactly what she wants- the flat kitchen panels with gloss finish- and she said and I quote" I am a minimalist, I like things to be sleek, I like modern thing with futuristic touch in them" 
Renovation is more than installing your kitchen cabinets or redecorating your living room, it is about how you feel and how you see yourself in your surroundings and WE, at Magnum Construction understand that and we help you find it.