3 Fun and Practical Basement Renovation Ideas

by | Sep 14, 2022 | renovation

Your basement no longer has to be the dank, dark place under the real action of your home that you only visit if there’s a problem or to stow your oddments. Renovation contractors in Vancouver such as the ones at Magnum Construction Services know a basement can be turned into one of your home’s most treasured spaces. Here are some basement renovation ideas:

1. More light

The one problem with basements is that they are often dark, as they are below grade. The solution is to bring in as much light, both natural and artificial, as practicable. This might mean things such as putting in a light well. This is an open space in your house that brings in light and air. You can also install a light shelf, which is a platform that’s near the basement windows that reflects natural light and allows it to penetrate deeply into the room. They can be installed indoors or outdoors and can work in tandem with artificial lighting that can be dimmed when there’s enough natural light. By the way, light shelves also provide some passive heating.

If your budget allows, you can even allow your yard to be excavated to create a sunken courtyard that leads into your basement through a glass-fronted door. The sunken courtyard idea also allows you to install larger windows than the small, narrow ones usually found in basements.

2. Make it fun

Vancouver home renovation experts know that one of the best types of basement renovation is to turn it into a place of relaxation and fun. Your basement can be transformed into a wine cellar, a gym, a rec room with a pool table or a playroom.

3. Make it work

You can also turn your basement, in whole or part, into a utility space, even one that is aesthetically pleasing. It can be turned into a workspace for someone in the household who likes woodworking or other types of crafts. It can be turned into a laundry room, though special plumbing needs to be installed since the room is below grade. If your basement is very big, you can also install room dividers to separate it into different zones with different purposes, much like you do upstairs.

You don’t have to be stuck with a drab and shadowy basement that holds little but pipes and ductwork. Contact our experts at Magnum Construction Services for basement renovation in Vancouver.