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Our collaborative design approach balances creativity and clarity for a well-defined scope of work, budget, and schedule.



Disciplined planning secures all required approvals and permits, lines up the resources and establishes the Fixed Price, Fixed Schedule.



With an experienced project manager at the helm, and with a focus on quality and efficiency, our Magnum team and trade partners execute the plan.


Home Renovations

Magnum Construction has been delivering exceptional Design/Home renovation to many families in the Greater Vancouver Area for more than 15 years, with each project backed by a 100% fixed price and fixed schedule commitment.


Finding the right team to paint your home can feel overwhelming, but Magnum Construction you’ll have peace of mind. Our trades are experts that treat your home with the care it deserves.

Woodwork and Carpentry

if you are looking for custom furniture, cabinets, built-ins for your home or office? We will work with you from design to installation.


Our technicians have extensive experience with all aspects of residential and commercial electrical infrastructure.

Flooring and Tiling

Whether you’re decorating your kitchen, bathroom or living space, we have an extensive range of flooring and tiling to suit your home.


We understand the precision, care, and dedication that is required from your drywall professionals, and we have the knowledge, experience and passion for perfection.

“One of the finest design home renovation companies I have ever worked with”