The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Contractor

by | Jun 13, 2021 | contractor

Hiring a contractor is often one of the best ways to complete the renovation work for your home. Choosing the right contractor might seem like a daunting task, but you can make your search for the best professional who performs home and bathroom renovations in Vancouver simpler by asking the right questions and doing some additional homework.

Questions to ask

No contractor should ever be hired without first asking questions about their experience and credentials. Asking the right questions can save you from hiring an unqualified contractor who may do work that’s below your standards. It’s important to ask any contractor who you’re thinking about hiring questions about their:
  • Skills
  • Licensing
  • Insurance coverage
  • Years of contracting experience
  • Experience in working on similar projects to yours
  • Pricing structure (fixed-price or lump-sum)
  • Tools that they use for their work
  • References from past clients

Verify licensing and insurance

Simply stating that they’re licensed and insured shouldn’t be enough to convince you that these credentials are valid. Since all home and kitchen renovations contractors in Vancouver should be licensed to work locally and have insurance coverage that covers any damages or other mishaps that could arise during your project, you should be able to obtain information about these credentials. You can try searching online for sites that allow you to verify a particular contractor’s license and insurance.

Hiring a contractor

An online search for some of the most reputable websites that list verifiable contractors for hire is one of the best ways to find professionals who can do home and kitchen renovations in Vancouver. Once you’ve selected a contractor who you might be interested in hiring, you can meet with them for an interview to discuss their pricing, go over contracts and ask other important questions so that you can know if you’re hiring the right individual. You may need to have the contractor fill out additional forms before hiring them.

Red flags

It’s always important to look out for the warning signs so that you don’t end up hiring one of the unreputable home and bathroom renovations contractors in Vancouver. Some of these red flags include:
  • Bad reviews
  • Being unresponsive
  • Asking for a lot of money upfront
  • Promising things that sound too good to be true
  • Failing to produce contracts for payment and services

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