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Modern Kitchens Designs Vancouver

Kitchen Renovation.

The kitchen is often called the heart of the home, and we believe in this wholeheartedly. In many cases, most of our best and warmest memories happened in the kitchen. We think that having a well-designed and comfortable kitchen is essential to making a house into a home, so we take kitchen renovation for Vancouver homeowners very seriously.

If you don’t feel a sense of welcoming and contentment whenever you walk into your kitchen, let us help you figure out why. When your kitchen is no longer meeting your family’s needs, it can hinder your ability to live your best life. Whether your kitchen is feeling too cluttered, confined or outdated, we can help you transform the space back into something beautiful and functional.

At Magnum Construction Services, we specialize in creating custom kitchens for Vancouver homes. We can design and install bespoke cabinetry, and we are happy to help you select colours, materials and fixtures according to your goals and tastes. We can also offer advice about elements to add and layouts to consider so that the final result is a perfect space to help you and your family create more memories.

kitchen features baby blue highlights
Bathroom Remodels Vancouver

Bathroom Renovation.

The bathroom should be more than just a functional space. We’ve all shut ourselves into the bathroom for a moment of peace and solitude, so we believe that your bathroom should be a place where you can unwind and feel safe.

It can be easy to overlook bathroom design, but at Magnum, we think that bathroom design for Vancouver homes is just as important as kitchen design. We spend a lot of time in the bathroom, so it should be a luxurious and comfortable space. Let us help you decide which features will help you feel pampered and refreshed every time you step out of the bathroom.

We are happy to help you choose fixtures, lighting, colours and materials to set the perfect tone for the room. We would love to collaborate with you to help bring your bathroom renovation vision to life.

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new basement

Basement Renovation.

Trying to turn your basement into a beautiful, functional space might seem like an epic undertaking, and we get that. A basement overhaul is often last on the home renovation list for Vancouver homeowners, but trust us when we say that having a usable basement is life-changing.

In fact, if the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s the value of extra space in the home. Whether you need more office space, an indoor playroom, a home gym or just a comfortable escape, renovating your basement can solve all of these problems.

Having a finished basement not only improves your overall quality of life but drastically increases the overall value of your home. Let the Magnum team help you transform your dull, unusable basement into a fantastic, functional space that is custom-fitted to your family’s needs.

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Renovation Contractors Vancouver

Full House Renovation.

When it comes to special home renovation in Vancouver, Magnum Construction Services truly does it all. We can take on full-house renovations with the same level of ease, attentiveness and professionalism that clients have come to expect from us on every project.

When you hire us, we assume full responsibility for providing materials, labour, equipment and any services needed to complete the project successfully. We have excellent relationships with many local suppliers and businesses, so we are uniquely situated to source top-quality materials without overshooting your budget.

Whether you’ve bought a new house that needs some work, or you’ve been living in an outdated home for some time now, our team of passionate experts is here to help you refresh your space and turn your house into a home once again.

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