Bathroom Renovations are one of our Favorite projects. We love the design process, the possibilities, we love brainstorming with clients and bouncing back ideas with them. Discussing the Feasibility and Accessibility. laying down all the facts from budgeting to timeline. From process to challenging situations. Bathroom renovation for us is a passion. We can tailor make a package that will fit your budget. We will finish on time and will deliver your dream bathroom.


Learn what features to expect for $5,000 to $30,000-plus, to help you plan your bathroom renovation

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The scope of a bathroom reno project depends on a variety factors — most of all budget, how old your home is? what kind of bathroom renovations have already been done, what style and design you would like to go with, how much you are willing to pay for premium materials and craftshipment.

Three Basic Cost Ranges for a Bathroom Renovation

The Basic Bathroom Update: Often runs from $5,000 (DIY) to $12,000 

You probably won’t be able to move any plumbing around, but you could replace fixtures and other materials with stock, off-the-shelf products like you’d find in a big-box store.

Off-the-shelf options have gotten a bit better in recent years, you can get a little creative by doing an interesting back-splash to make things look more high-end.

Counter-tops: At this level, an entry granite level and Formica counter-tops are most popular. 

Tile: Don’t expect to tile an entire bathroom, but you could do a bathtub or shower area with ceramic tiles or standard white subway tiles. 

Walls: Apart from a bathtub tile surround or counter back-splash, painting the walls is the most affordable choice here.

Cabinets: If your bathroom cabinets are in good condition, you might just want to refinish or paint them. Otherwise, you’re looking at off-the-shelf units.

Lighting, fixtures and finishes:All basic, off-the-shelf products. Keep in mind that because the plumbing fixtures at this level have plastic pieces on the inside, they will likely need to be replaced every five to seven years.

This bathroom falls into the basic bathroom renovation range. It includes a 24-inch vanity, a an entry level of granite counter-top and a typical fiberglass bathtub-shower unit. You can splurge on large-format, 6- by 36-inch tile flooring that resembles wood. This put the project’s total cost at $12,650.

Mid- to Upper-Range Bathroom Renovation: $15,000 to $25,000

What you might get: Better fixtures, like a toilet with better flushing capabilities or faucets with better flow. And new features like flooring, a vanity, a sink, lighting, window treatments, hardware, a comfort-height toilet, a 36-inch counter-top, a framed mirror that matches the vanity and a recessed medicine chest — all of which are slightly better quality than from a big-box store. 

Plus, you can make a few more adjustments to the layout. Maybe you’ll put in a slightly smaller bathtub to make way for a slightly larger shower. Maybe you’ll slide a sink down and move the plumbing slightly to add a tall linen cabinet. 

Counter-tops: A higher-grade remnant or custom piece of granite, marble or quartz.

Cabinets: Semi custom pieces with higher-end finishes — glazed instead of just stained — and decorative details like cabinet legs and intricate door panels.  The bathroom shown here, done for $30,000 to $35,000, is an example of a mid range bathroom remodel. It features porcelain tile, a his-and-her semi custom vanity, granite countertops and brushed-nickel plumbing fixtures.



This bathroom cost is $23,000. Materials and labour is included

Luxury shower system

The Deluxe Bathroom RENOVATION: $30,000+

You can adjust a room for more space or punch out the exterior. The toilet and shower might switch locations, the bathtub might go away and a sauna might come in; all-new high-end fixtures, materials, cabinets, lighting and finishes can be added. The room is likely to be larger. Detailed molding, trim-work and tile-work might also be included.

Cabinetry: Solid wood construction with custom finishes and decorative accent pieces.

Tile: Natural marble, limestone or granite, all of which are more labor intensive and difficult to cut. Natural stone requires more maintenance, but every single tile has its own unique character.

Plumbing: High-end finishes and parts.
Amenities: Steam showers and radiant floor heating. 

This examples falls into the deluxe category. The cost was around $45,000+, and it features radiant floor heating, natural stone tiles, a custom-built cabinetry, a granite counter-top and polished-nickel fixtures, freestanding tub with a freestanding faucet.