The Space We Live In

by | Jan 13, 2022 | homeowners

More than often, I look at my house and I find many things that bother me, like the old, faded backsplash tiles, the scratched cabinets, the lack of organizational space, and the poor design that was made for the 80s and the 90s lifestyle. I started to realize how much the space I am living in affects my mood and my productivity during the day. Cooking causes me stress, although I love cooking for my family but when you find yourself moving around trying to find a decent space to accomplish your work and thoughts are wandering in your mind about why would anyone design a kitchen like that, thinking that this is a big kitchen but it isn’t functioning at all, there is no smart use of the space or utilize it in a way that serves your needs and then anxiety starts to peak and I just want to finish the cooking and get done with it. I realized how important to live in a house that provides you with easy access, gives you comfort, shows your personality in every corner and mine has none of these factors. I am falling out of love with my home, and I must do something about it.

I wonder if many people like me have the same feelings, or do they care about the old, faded colors, the rusted pipes, the 40 years old vanity. I believe we all deserve to live in a place that helps us become the best version of ourselves and this is how my renovation journey started, I wanted to become the best version of myself and enjoy the space I am living in. I wanted to fall back in love again with my home.

Renovation can be stressful if it wasn’t done right, but the stress is manageable when your expectations are set and addressed by the general contractor you decide to choose. Being informed and educated about the process from A-Z is very important to the success of the project. You need to ask all the questions you have in mind, don’t expect your general contractor to read your mind, however, a very good general contractor will ask you the right questions, will help you to express your thoughts and your vision and then his/her job is to provide you with the best direction and then execute accurately.

Effective communication is something very important in life, it builds trust and better results for any project. So, when you reach that point of your life when you say this is the time and I want to improve my life and renovate my place and make it works for my daily needs and shows my personality, choose your general contractor wisely, do your due diligence, choose someone who understands your needs and have lived it already.  Renovation is a big investment, emotions, and money they don’t get along together but, in the renovation, they have to, and this is the job of an experienced, creative general contractor.