6 Budget-Friendly Bathroom Renovation Ideas for Your Vancouver Home

by | Aug 5, 2022 | bathroom

If your bathroom is starting to show its age, you can spruce up its appearance for less money than you might think. Some quick and affordable cosmetic upgrades will inject new beauty into your bath without busting your budget.

Take a look at your bathroom and imagine how these ideas could make your bath sparkle. A few of them you could do yourself, but others would benefit from employing bathroom renovations contractors Vancouver residents can trust. 1. Refinish the tub Dingy old tubs usually inspire bathroom remodels in Vancouver homes. Bathtub refinishing products cover up stains and reset the tub’s surface to a bright and fresh appearance. This costs much less than replacing the tub itself. 2. Install a new sink faucet It may seem like a small thing, but a new faucet can make a big difference. A faucet with modern style is an upgrade that can be done in a day, and it will put an end to that annoying drip from a worn-old faucet. 3. Paint the bathroom Paint is the old standby when it comes to budget-friendly bathroom renovations Vancouver homeowners are looking for. Even if all you do is paint the walls a new colour, you’ll be surprised by how nicely it lifts your mood. 4. Install a pre-fabricated shower When the old shower really has to go, save money with a pre-fabricated shower unit. Many models are on the market for decent prices, and they can look quite nice. Because this upgrade requires tearing out the old shower and hooking up plumbing, people usually hand this job off to renovation companies in Vancouver such as Magnum Construction Services. 5. Choose new light fixtures Lighting is an important part of a bathroom’s style. New light fixtures enliven the space and have the advantage of being relatively affordable and fast to install. New LED fixtures produce very bright light that will drive back the shadows of an outdated bath. 6. Install vinyl or laminate flooring A new floor might be just what you need to revive your bathroom. Flooring manufacturers have made great strides in producing attractive and affordable vinyl and laminate floor products. These floors can look quite luxurious. 

If you’re looking for bathroom renovations contractors in Vancouver who can help you plan a new look, speak with the professionals at Magnum Construction Services. We’ve completed many bathroom remodels in Vancouver homes and condos and are eager to help you.