How to Make the Most Out of Your Kitchen Space

by | Jul 29, 2022 | kitchen

An efficient and well-organized kitchen does not just happen. You have to employ design strategies and select space-saving products. With the right approaches, you can put an end to your frustrations with awkward work areas and clutter.

No matter what you are starting with in terms of kitchen space, many products and design techniques are available to help you make the most of it. Renovation companies in Vancouver, such as Magnum Construction Services, can install small appliances and custom cabinets in Vancouver homes that residents will love using.

1. Roll-out cabinet shelves

Rummaging in the back of a dark cabinet becomes a thing of the past when you retrofit a cabinet with roll-out shelves. These products transform old storage space into modern kitchen cabinets Vancouver homeowners have been dreaming about. The shelves slide out easily so that you can grab pot lids and organize storage containers.

2. Single-bowl sink

When counter space is in short supply, consider replacing a two-bowl sink with a single-bowl sink. You’ll feel like you have more room for washing pots and pans while creating more counter space.

3. Cabinet-depth refrigerator

Once you have a refrigerator the same depth as your cabinets, you’ll wonder why refrigerators were ever built not to fit kitchen cabinets. This style of refrigerator frees up floor space and eliminates annoying blockages made by bulky appliances. When thinking about kitchen renovations in Vancouver condos, ask yourself if you really need a standard-size refrigerator.

4. Under-cabinet small appliances

Special coffeemakers and microwaves are built to mount on the underside of cupboards. Under-cabinet mounting gives you back counter space and produces a less-cluttered look throughout the kitchen.

5. Concealed message center

When getting custom cabinets Vancouver homeowners can include a message centre placed inside a cupboard door that includes a white board and compartments for mail and other paper clutter that frequently invades kitchen spaces.

6. Backsplash racks

The under-utilization of wall space in a kitchen leaves counters full of knives and cooking utensils. Get these tools out of the way with a backsplash rack that keeps them within reach at all times.

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